Monday, August 7, 2017

More. Many. Much. MOOSEN!

Hi, Sister Petersen here, with another weekly email from the promise land also known by the name of Marianna, Florida. 

We set a contacting goal this week with our district. 70 people for every companionship. I'll just skip to the end of this story and inform you that we did not reach this goal HAHAH, but we did meet a lot of really awesome people that we otherwise would not have talked to! We contacted in Payless, TWICE. It's golden, you tell the worker you need close toed comfy shoes, they ask why, and BAM. or should I say...... BOM! (book of Mormon) (lol)

This email is going to be shorter, here's all I have to say. Being a missionary is tough. But it's really not. We get to get out everyday and do something meaningful. Not many people can say that, not many people want to have that opportunity. This week we lost quite a few of our friends whom we have been praying for to progress.  They have chosen in the words of Jynx, "The Mormon's not for me." Well you know what! WE LOVE YOU ANYWAY! Yes we wish everyone would just COME TO CHURCH but we have agency. And, that's a beautiful gift.

Get out and go love someone! Go spread Jesus Christ's love! Wake up, and do something MORE. More holy, more worthwhile, more christlike, more important, more meaningful. I love you all so much. All is well in Zion, we're just searching for the elect and Happy Are We. 

- SISTER  p e t e r s e n☀

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