Monday, August 14, 2017

Let it rain, Let it pour

Blessings come through raindrops and this week we had MIRACLE HURRICANES! Miracanes? Hurricles? I've heard it both ways.

Friday we had an awesome day. Everything we planned actually happened. Well by 5:00 we had planned to go contact people at the park and it started pouring rain, thus nobody would be outside at a park. We brainstormed for a minute and both agreed that the hand of the Lord was in our planning and we needed to go to the park even if it was a hurricane outside! 

grateful for gazebos
When we got to the park not a single car was there. We still got out and ran to get cover under the gazebo. Not even 10 seconds after we sat down this twenty something guy gets cover under the roof to like a smoke. Like I have no earthly clue where this dude even came from! NONE! So of course I'm like, "Hey you" and immediately we dive into a lengthy discussion about God. After about 20 minutes of talking about who/what God is and how Jesus Christ plays a role in that, along comes another fella. His brother! Both of them smoked about 3 packs combined by the time we finished our conversation, but we taught both of them about the Restoration and gave them Book of Mormons. They were on vacation from North Carolina so we sent them as referrals up there. 

Here's the miracle of the tale: It was pouring rain and thundering = captive audience under the gazebo protection. They were searching for understanding about God = very open to the spirit. They were on vacation in Marianna = HUGE MIRACLE BECAUSE WHO IN THE WORLD VISITS THIS PLACE ON VACATION. Miracles come in thunderstorms. 

oh mercy, I had some divine meals this week. I'll just leave it at that. mmmmmm. ok.

national cat day with Southern
Southern legit sobbed when we taught her the Word of Wisdom... it was a rough lesson. Send prayers. HAHAHA. "I am a basic white girl who needs her coffee." HAHAHAHA

Sister Housel my STL from Dothan spent the day with me here, and she gave me a really remarkable talk that gave me a lot of understanding about the atonement of Jesus Christ and Repentance. 

"Living perfectly is not the plan. Repentance is the plan. Jesus Christ is the plan." I think we erroneously equate perfection with living a perfect life, with never failing or falling short, but Jesus Christ is the only one who ever did or ever will do that. Perfection for us, then, must be about something else.
When we turn our broken pieces over to the Savior, our gaps are filled with Him—with His perfection—and we are made complete; we are finished by the Great Creator through the restorative power of “the author and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). We come to know the Savior not just by recognizing and reverencing His scars but by recognizing and reverencing our own. We are bound to the Savior through our mutual scars, “and with His stripes we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5; see also verse 4).
Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, desires to mend your broken pieces, fill your empty spaces, and make of you a vessel that is more beautiful and whole.

May you each find the strength to fail and, in the hands of your Savior, the power to finish."

I love y'all so much. Keep it fresh and ranchy and FINISH STRONG.

SISTER  p e t e r s e n  ☀

life in photos:

sis Cobart makes costumes for Civil War reenactments and gave us confederate flags lol

trying to get some webbed feet contacts

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