Monday, May 29, 2017

"I didn't say it, I declared it." -President Smith

Over hill over dale. IT WAS A SUPERB WEEK. MIRACULOUS if you will.

Tuesday during conference call President Smith ended the call saying, "AS THE MISSION PRESIDENT, I HEREBY DECLARE THIS MIRACLE WEEK!" And let me just say the faith of the missionaries in the Florida panhandle shot up ten thousand freight trains full!

MIRACLE #1- Kenny got baptized *** AHHHHH. It was so amazing. We got up uber early and played beach volleyball with the district for exercise, and then we headed to the church to fill up the font. Everything went awesome. Kenny came with his family and Brother Atrice did the ordinance. The whole meeting was really awesome but what was even better was the next day when he got confirmed. He looked so sharp and pure. I feel very humbled that Heavenly Father let me teach Kenny. We tracted into his house the first day of this transfer and Baptized him the last. IT HAPPENS. People are here and they are prepared.

MIRACLE #2- While on exchanges in the nearby town of Crestview, I was at the park doing studies with my STL Sister Jamison. She was talking to me and I had a random thought about Spencer serving in the Czech Republic and how the heck he found people to teach. I was interrupted in this thought when Sis Jamison wanted to go talk to a family who was rock hunting (Crestview thing, don't ask) (I'm in the South, get over it). So we go over and not 30 seconds into the conversation, Jennie tells us she did a mission for her church in the Czech Republic. MY JAW DROPPED, I'm not a codfish so I quickly shut it! We talked with Jennie and her 20-year-old daughter Rennie for two hours about missions and the restored gospel and the Crestview sisters are now going to teach them! It was amazing. I'm still amazed.

MIRACLE #3- Shauna. A referral from the Elders. She told us to come teach her Sunday at 3. So we stopped by and she was in a frenzy because of a financial crisis. I didn't really know what to say to her and I thought she was just looking for money so I wanted to leave. Well the spirit very firmly told me I was needed there. I told her we can't help with what she needed money wise, but as she listened to our message everything would work out. We testified of the gospel and Jesus Christ and she told us she's been waiting for God to answer her. I testified that we were servants of God representing his son Jesus Christ. She very humbly and quietly responded with tears running down her face, "I believe you." I will never forget the rest of the conversation we had with her and the power of God that I felt. Her body was filthy and her house reeked of cigarette smoke, but Shauna's eyes shined with the hope of Christ brighter than I've ever seen in my life. Truly miraculous to be in the presence of God's children. Shauna is getting baptized July 22nd

God is pouring out miracles on us every second of the day. Faith proceeds the miracle. Look to Christ the author and finisher of our faith. I'm getting transferred to Marianna on Wednesday, so in my farewell to Fort Walton Beach all I can say is "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd" which shepherd is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Glory be His. 
-sister P E T E R S E N ☀

Pics- Saving souls and saving lives just for you pops, Kenny gets dunked, and Ruth's Crappy Happy song (: Enjoy!

Monday, May 22, 2017

speak softly, but carry a BIG STICK

I learned how to juggle this morning at the beach, check that off the bucket list.
dat southern tree overhang doh ft. Good Will dress numba uno

At district meeting last Tuesday we sang I'm trying to be like Jesus, and let me just tell you when you have 8 adults who are literally trying their hardest to be like the Savior singing a primary song, the spirit is pretty overwhelming. It was definitely one of the better parts of the week! Also me and Sis E bought a bunch of dresses at Good Will last pday and we've been rocking those on the daily! Elder Greene said I looked like his first grade teacher hahah

Wednesday we had interviews with President Smith, and it was one of the most spiritual experiences I've ever had. I know that the Priesthood leaders of this church, especially mission presidents, are called of God. Just another testimony to me of the truthfulness of this gospel. 

The Moellers fed us again and their five kids chased a fly the whole dinner it was hilarious!

OK The KENSTER!!!! Kenny! He's getting baptized on SATURDAY! Yes, you read that right! This Saturday!!!!! Oh my goodness words do not explain the joy I have for him. Yesterday we taught our last lesson on Tithing and Fasting and not gonna lie, I thought it might be a deal breaker for him. Well after we taught tithing, he was like "Yeah that totally makes sense, I'll do it." So I'm thinking sweet hard part's over, NOT QUITE! Kenny isn't your average Joe! Ha! So we teach fast offering and he goes "What! You want me to not eat! I HAVE to have BIG meals" HAHAHAH I was SO taken back that he was willing to pay part of his income in faith, but not skip a couple meals I don't know why but it struck my funny bone! He's just so funny and he's so flippin prepared for the gospel it's unreal. Yesterday he told us he might go on a mission one day! He's so awesome! 

ok final words from yours truly... Carrying a big stick, aka your testimony of the Stick of Ephraim- The Book of Mormon. Testimony is the only thing we have. Really. And I believe that's why it's so powerful. All we have to know that Joseph Smith truly did see God the Father and His son Jesus Christ in the Sacred Grove, is his testimony. We stand as witnesses of God at all times, and in all things, and in all places. We don't have to shout, we just have to share. The spirit speaks softly but the impact it has is BIG. The Book of Mormon is the only way to know that all of this is true. When we are anchored in the words of Christ, we can testify boldly and the spirit will work through us. One of our Part-Member families we have been extremely involved with just dropped us and I'll admit I was at a loss as to what to say to them. I honestly could not hold back my tears as they were denying themselves the opportunity to be an eternal family. So in response to their concern and what seemed like a final answer I just opened my mouth and testified of the Book of Mormon. It had nothing to do with what they were worried about, but I knew it's what I have been called to bear my witness of. The family agreed to continue reading the Book of Mormon but will not be taking the lessons any longer. Although my heart felt crushed because of how much I love this sweet family, I know that they will come to find the truthfulness of the everlasting gospel. I know it. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear. So speak softly, let the spirit testify through you, but be anchored in your conviction of the Book of Mormon. It is the words of Christ. I know it and I cannot deny the miracles I have experienced because of it. 

I love y'all so much!

-sister P E T E R S E N ☀   pics or it didn't happen: 
Stewbies with a captial S, 

 car selfie for the win
 and lastly my home girl Marie (Age 89) and no she did not want to take this picture, all I remember her saying when I asked was "I always hated chocolate" 

Monday, May 15, 2017

What about second breakfast? Elevensies?

Yesterday was KILLER! Such a wonderful day! I got to talk to these crazy rascals, codename: Petersen's, and it was AWESOME!

Just in the spirit of some home cooking our members made us Cafe Rio salads, yes tears of joy were shed. And then later that evening we went over to another member's house for late night steaks!!! Holy cow, no pun intended, it was an amazing day for my belly! 

This week Kenny has been doing so awesome! We taught him the Law of Chastity and after the lesson Sister Mathews commented on how spiritual and mature we were while teaching and I thought to myself, "Yeah we were, when the heck did that happen??" Hahah I guess it was the spirit because I still laugh at jokes that a fifth grader would laugh at.. Haha. 

So here's my spiritual thought of the day.. While I was trying to skype my family we had a bit of technical difficulties, not naming names or anything, but Trevor and Tiffany were a weak link (; So the three way call made it where I couldn't see my family in Utah but I could see my family in Seattle and they could see both of us. I've thought about that call a lot and the role our Savior plays in our lives. Our Heavenly Father is like my family in Utah. We can't see him, but he sees us and he hears our cries. We have to trust in our Savior, or family in Seattle to be our mediator. I am very humbled that God listens to my prayers and He send me His son Jesus Christ so that I can make it back home to Him one day. 
We see a lot of unhappy families down here and I just want everyone to remember that God is our Father, we are His family. 

Mother's Day 2017

Side note, while the Elders were dropping off our car two nights ago this random kid just sprinted into our apartment and I was like, "Kid......come back...." Hahaha it was so random! 


When you can't walk, RUN! Much love amigos!!! Blessings come in RAINDROPS!

-sister  P E T E R S E N☀

Monday, May 8, 2017

Do or do not. There is no try.

PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST WEEKS OF MY LIFE- Topic for this week, The enabling FORCE that change brings. Do it. You'll like it

For starters, last Monday I started a competition with my dearest Sis Evensen! No sugar, soda, secondsies, late night munchies, and a whole bunch of other crap haha. Needless to say this week I experienced a lot of jelly bean and marshmallow matey withdrawals. But the loser of our competition has to wear the same pros outfit for a week straight...and with our humidity and sunshine.....I can't afford to break!

May the 4th--- 4 MONTH MARK!!!!! **cue Hot Rod grocery store dancing** Sis E got me a huge easter egg with G's in it, the 4th of every month is now our anniversary, we're like an old married couple that laughs at dad jokes. 

Zone Conference on Thursday was KILLER! Me and Sis Davis taught about the sacrament--- HUGH COSMIC POWER.... itty bitty little piece of bread.---- and TBH we blew it out of the water. Actually the spirit did all the work but it was way fun to teach everyone and I looked really good that day so double bonus. I love Zone Conference because our zone is so much fun! Last transfer like half the zone got moved so we have a bunch of new way fun people! President Smith read Enos with us verse by verse and we talked about teaching repentance, it. was. so. cool. Read Enos!

Later that night we visited our dear 89-yr old Marie. She was complaining and complaining about how the scriptures are too hard to understand and read. So we offered to read with her and she was in Jacob 3. In this chapter Jacob is explaining how difficult it is to write on the plates and that we need to cherish the words of Christ. OH THE IRONY OF THE HAND OF THE LORD! Marie is so stubborn and I actually could not hold back my laughter as we read the couple of chapters. It WAS SO FUNNY! We left her in good spirits and hopefully she will start enjoying her scripture reading more.

Seis De Mayo- Our ward had a huge fiesta because we find any reason to celebrate and that was way fun. But long story short the Elders took our car and we were stranded at the church. When we finally got back to our apt (spongebob voice 3 HOURS LATER) Elder Moore our ZL felt so bad! Later that night he was like "Sisters, John 11:35. 'Jesus Wept'. I want you to know, I wept when we hindered the work of the Lord today for you" Hahahaha what can ya do with Elders. Ya can't live with em........ and that's about it! Hah. But alls well that ends well.

Ok last stop on the Sis P express- KENNY!!! Kenny is our investigator that we tracted into and he is so so amazing! The first time we met him he told us he wanted to quit smoking and he's been clean for 3 weeks! He set his own BCD for May 27th! And yesterday when we walked into the chapel he was sitting with a white shirt and tie, clean cut, just beaming. Words cannot explain the joy that filled my soul to see him. I know I haven't written much about Kenny, but we've been teaching him for a bit and he is awesome. He's 20 and he's been smoking since he was 15. He has a small case of Autism and so he's not super emotional, but he understands and accepts a lot! He is so amazing. It's been a really cool experience getting to teach him! And our members have been so awesome helping him feel welcome! Yesterday when we talked about Word of Wisdom he was fine with everything until we said coffee, "NOPE, THAT IS OFF THE LIST!" Hahaha. It was so fun to teach him and he committed to following the WoW. He's prime!

-Healthy Diet will change your whole mindset and make you feel physically happier
-Don't take jumping pics with a slippery abnormally large Easter egg containing covenants
-The sacrament taken with a penitent heart, manifests the power of Godliness within us
-Learn to Love the scriptures, man those prophets took a long time on that for us dang it!
-Don't make the Elders feel bad because they do a lot for people, and learn to not get annoyed when your plans get bumped a few hours

Well that's all folks. Have a sunshiny day, we're gonna go hit up the beach. Be diligent in everything you do and you will find joy. It's guaranteed to the faithful! 
EMBRACE THE CHANGE WE CALL LIFE the Savior invites everyone to change (repent) and come unto him. Make the necessary changes to have joy (: (: LOVE Y'ALL

-sister  P E T E R S E N ☀  


Monday, May 1, 2017

Does Jesus have pet peeves?

After district meeting on Tuesday aka April 25th aka the perfect date, we went to Subway with the sisters. Over lunch we laughed for a long time about stupid pet peeves we have about missionaries, parents, dating, friends, the way people eat, driving, everything that bugs us. It was SO funny to hear the random things that bug people!

Ok so overall I think my biggest pet peeve is when people copy me. IT DRIVES ME INSANE. Like if someone buys the same food as you or starts saying the things you say, or STEALS YOUR STORIES! Just to name a few.. but then you get the classic "Imitation is a compliment." Gag me. 

So I've been thinking about this a lot this week and Jesus LOVES when people copy him! That's what he wants everyone to do! Try and be like him! Man! Every single person we teach we invite to do the same things. People refer to our culture as "Utah Mormons" but it's not just in Utah. I've learned so much the past week about rejoicing in our unity. If you are doing the same things as those around you, it means you are working as a team.

Wednesday night our investigators Chris and Lainee fed us dinner. We were really excited and we actually cancelled a member dinner when we got invited. The dinner conversation quickly jumped from a discussion to a bible bash. We got into a respectful discussion about the Trinity which they firmly believe in. My companion really struggled and she didn't give any input in the conversation. I was left alone with two southern Methodists who know their bible. I knew all I could do was testify of Joseph Smith and testify of my savior. I'm not sure if the spirit totally touched their hearts but I know that I was in unity with God that evening. The spirit was in the room. 

I think too many times we are scared that our testimonies and habits we have in the church are repetitive or common knowledge, this is when we become lazy about our promises. "When you are complicit with your covenants, you become complacent to the consequences." We promised that we would come and help spread the gospel. We would come and find our friends. Even if you gave up Sister Tedone's biscuits for an evening of bible bash and quinoa. I testified through the awkwardness of that dinner because I said I would. The evening left me discouraged for my area and relying on my companion but the spirit was in our lesson. "You can feel certain that the Lord is pleased when you feel the Spirit working through you."(PMG)

Becoming unified with the spirit will enrich every single aspect of your life. Everything will become unified. Relationships, conversations, feelings, thoughts, goals, everything. 

I know I am pleasing the Lord. I know I am a successful missionary. I know that what I know is true. All you haters out there DROP THE BOGUS! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE EVERYBODY SHOULD KNOW THIS!
ONE nation under God. Unify yourself.

It's gonna be Huuuuuuge
-sister P E T E R S E N☀

-My man Darian showing off his guns,
 but let's be real who do you think would win in an arm wrestle

 Will Smith's Childhood home? You tell me.

 the district lolz