Saturday, January 6, 2018

525,600 miracles

One year ago I walked into the MTC and embarked on a journey that has forever changed me. Every minute the Lord has allowed me to wear this tag, this last year, has blessed my life, and so many others. I am just so truly grateful I have had the privilege to serve as a Full-Time missionary representing Jesus Christ. How great is my calling!

-My beautiful wonderful perfect companion scraping ice
off our windshield with an apostate cd so we could go see our sisters
This week was off the CHAIN! Like, picture the Beast on Sandlot chasing down Benny the Jet Rodriguez, but I'm not as fast as that kid so I actually have been gasping for air and had to pull out my inhaler! This week we woke up to a FREEZING COLD SNOW-ICE STORM! Then we had to leave and go to Gulf Breeze but all the freeways were closed because of the ice and then they wanted me to feed Sister Smario TUNA! I can't feed a fish TUNA! That's an ABOMINATION! So we were driving to Gulf Breeze ,and no joke this was like a movie I kid you not, I had to decide last minute to pull off an exit because we were completely out of gas! Like I went over the triangle with the lines on it and we were screaming! Still a miracle that our minivan made it up that ramp #angels. 

The best part of being out of Tallahassee... we went and served at our Bishop's Storehouse. It was so fun to load food and help out the saints in need! Oh I just loved it! Then we went to Fairhope and it was a blast!! I got to work with the one and only Sister Hulstine again and I was like BAM back in action in Alabama!!!! It was fun!
-All the lovelies in the #POUND#
Ok last story... 

We got permission to watch The Sound of Music for New Year's Eve. So because this film is from the stone age and it's like three hours long we only got through the first half and stopped at intermission. The next day was not our designated Pday but we all wanted to finish the movie! So I pulled the short straw and had to be the one to ask President Smith. 

This was our conversation.

"President Smith, this is urgent. Can we please, please finish The Sound of Music tonight? I don't know if Maria ends up being a nun or if the Captain marries the Baroness! Does Hitler invade Austria?!? The world may never know.."

"(; Please finish the movie."

HAHAHAHAAHAH we finished the movie and now we can't stop singing "How do you solve a problem like MARIA!"

-Sister Houston is literally my fav!
She gave this to me when I was sad
about leaving my pillow pet in Tally
Oh dear friends serving a mission is quite literally the best thing in the world! I know that this church is still led and guided by God. He will call another prophet and I will sustain him with my soul! I thank God for the prophet who guides me in these latter days! I love you all! Have a great week!!

-SISTER  p e t e r s e n☀

Sylvester died and we had to clean it 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Since I'm going to Hawaii I haven't been eating sugar SOS

Hello friends. I am in Tallahassee Florida and I've never been colder in my life. 

-first night in Tally and we had to sleep on the floor. #lol
So right now, FSU Campus is closed for Winter Break. Fortunately, we have a man who receives revelation from on high for the missionaries here! We have literally just been riding the Tallahassee city buses for days on end talking to everyone we come in contact with. It's so fun!!! After we meet people and such, we just hand them off to other missionaries. It's kind of sad because we don't get to teach them and see them progress, but we are contacting like fools!

Bus people are crazy. 
Straight up.

-bus life. just look at this picture. this is bus life.
                        I have to clarify before I tell you this story, I DID NOT HITCHHIKE! Ok, glad we're both on the same page! We got stranded our first day, twice actually. The first time a miracle happened! We were nowhere near a bus stop and the bus we needed to get on was passing us and I may, or may not, have stopped it, so, very graciously, the bus driver pulled over and we were able to join the future saints of the C Bus!! (: I won't go into detail but we have been stranded a couple times and they have been learning experiences and growing pains! I remember Sister Smario through tears of laughter, and rain freezing us to the marrow of our bones, with a semi that just splashed water on us, said, "This is the lowest point of my mission!"   HAHAHAHAHAAH   Later, as we were waiting for the bus that never came, we decided the only thing worse than standing there would be if other missionaries saw us, right then a Malibu with a bike rack pulls up to the light! IT WAS THE ASSISTANTS TO THE PRESIDENT! ...TALK ABOUT EMBARRASSMENT ... HAHAHA!!

Real talk, we met a really special couple at one stop. Sylvester and Christine are from New York looking for work. They were SO PREPARED! They both accepted a Book of Mormon and Christine started crying and told us she prayed very earnestly on Christmas that God would find her and we were the answer to her prayers! We have a church tour with them today! It was almost like a movie to me. It was one of those out of body experiences while we were riding the bus with them and having a very spiritual conversation. Elder Jones and Elder Burbidge were also on the same bus contacting the person next to them. I was listening to Sister Smario testify of the restored gospel and the peace Jesus Christ offers us. The spirit was penetrating our small company. It was one of the moments from my mission I will never forget. The kingdom of God is rolling forth.

-What better time to wear matching ugly sweaters
than when skyping home?
For Christmas we watched a movie called The Other Wiseman. There was one line that really hit me. This wiseman was searching for Jesus Christ his whole life and a prophet told him, "To find the Savior you must look among the sick and impoverished, the weak and the weary, and there you will find him." That's how I feel being on the buses. Even though we have met some prepared people, most of the people we are in contact with are homeless or very close to being so. It breaks my heart to see them in this state, but I know that the Savior loves them and he suffered for each one of them just as he has for me. What an eye-opening experience to bring the gospel to my brothers and sisters here. <3

-SISTER  p e t e r s e n☀

-FTM Jingle Belt
*Christmas conf pics because look how fun it is!!*



Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Hey y'all I'll email you a weekly on Saturday just wanted to say that I love ya and thanks for all being there for my call! It really means a lot to know I have such a wonderful family back home supporting me and praying for my success. (: I love you! Have an awesome awesome day!!

Twelve years ago today I was baptized. Best decision I ever made. 


Monday, December 18, 2017

Pday or BDAY

-That awkward moment when Sis. Amare gets me a Bama bag
 and then FSU is the new thing.
Holla atcha girl I'm old now. 
2 decades ago this beauty was born!

Well it seems as though the Lord said there was no room in the Fairhope Inn for Sister Petersen so I have to move my residence across the mission to Tallahassee! I am being transferred tomorrow to FSU Campus with Sister Smario!! (: (: (: It's going to be crazy fun and wow I'm just so so so so so excited!!! Did not see this one coming but it's going to be really awesome and fun so yay!

BEN CAME TO CHURCH! BEN CAME TO CHURCH! BEN CAME TO CHURCH! In case you didn't hear, our investigator Ben came to church! OK Legit the best present I ever could've asked for! I was CRYING I was so excited and happy! It was perfect! I actually got a picture with him but only because I told him I was leaving haha not actually because he was in the church! But anywho,it was so good! He sat next to me and we were singing the song Far,Far Away On Judea's Plains, and I look over and realize he's not singing! UNACCEPTABLE! So I nudge him and I'm like, "You're not singing, you're just moving your mouth!" Then NO JOKE he started singing RIGHT ON THIS LINE!

Lord, with the angels we too would rejoice;
Help us to sing with the heart and voice:

Can you say Christmas...... MIRACLE?!?!? It gave me chills and I could not stop smiling the entire time!

- #sohotrightnow

Another cool story! We were on our way to Saraland and we saw a broken down truck and this police man got behind his truck with his police car and pushed him into the parking lot. I don't know why but I thought it was really touching. Thinking about Light the World initiative I loved seeing the good people in the world help each other out. I have truly loved every minute that I've been blessed to serve my brothers and sisters here in Fairhope. I am truly going to miss them. This is a sacred area.

- the bff Damaris my fav investigator giving me life advice per usual

Ok y'all that's pretty much all I've got for you! I love you all so so very much! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and packages I actually bawled like a baby! Thank you so much! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Other sheep I have in Tallahassee. It's been real my friends. It's been real good.

-SISTER  p e t e r s e n🎉

oh yeah last note, pdays are on Saturdays for me now haha #campuslife

Monday, December 4, 2017

One way ticket to SLC airport

FRIENDS! This week has been so so so awesome and wonderful and OOOOOOh I just love Christmas I really do!

Well did I mention Marina had her baby?? Probs forgot but he is the cutest little bean you have ever seen! Mateo Rene Ramos! (: (: I died. 

So we've been #Lightingtheworld in Fairhope this week and we went to this huge parade. Not gonna lie the adversary knows I do not love huge crowds of people, and Mariah Carey playing in the background, and I have to be focused on people's salvation... But we met some super cool people and hopefully they enjoyed the spirit we helped them feel! 

We went up to TOXEY, ALABAMA this week! Toxey is the very edge of our mission so here is our miracle story! Sister Petersen is the Designated Driver...or should I say, WAS the Designated Driver until this snafu..

-pics or it didn't happen
Here we were on our nice pleasant three hour drive to Toxey. I was just taking in the beauty of the never ending trees and 55 mph twisting road. When on this drive my back started getting a little uncomfy, all you truckers know what I'm talking about. Well as I was fixing my chair, some people would claim I was "distracted", I turned left on a fork when I was supposed to turn right. Our fancy GPS from the 21st century rerouted us on this new highway and no one, not even yours truly, the designated driver, noticed it had rerouted. Not far down this path I got an unsettling feeling that we should check our route. Sister Hulstine, my trusty sidekick soon realized we had a one way ticket for MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI! YES THAT IS M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I, MISSISSIPPI! We were just moments away from crossing the border outside of our mission boundaries!!!                Satan totally would've had us in his clenches! 
Mercifully we had the time and shoulders in the road to turn around and get back on our desired course. You know President Smith would've shipped our booties outta here had we crossed that line, there was a line and we almost just crossed it!

As I've been pondering this climatic episode, trust me the car was not very calm during this in real time, I've been so touched by how much our Father in Heaven loves us. He is never going to let us stray too far down the pathway of a wrong choice. He is always going to reach out to us through the spirit and other means to bring us home. I know it. I have felt it on this car ride and in my road trip of life. I know that my Heavenly Father sent me here to grow and learn but it is the plan, and has always been the plan, for me to return to Him. How merciful for our GPS (Holy Ghost) and the vehicle of the restored Church of Jesus Christ to give us access to get there. 

._. everytime I serve the volleyball at sports night the elders start a slow clap and get everyone applauding to make me mess up! 

-I just wanna be a big rockstar.. [:
last note we walked up to someone and the first thing he said was "ooooooh Mormons are so cute" (: I took it as a compliment (: I am cute!



-SISTER  p e t e r s e n🎄

-Sissy Hulstine being sung to by the Spanish Elders on her birthday (:
she turned 22 take a wild guess what they sang to her....

Monday, November 27, 2017

Choose your love, love your choice.

Three thanksgiving dinners. Five dessert stops. One exchange later. The freshman fifteen came a little later in the game for me. 

Friends I just want you all to know who you are. You are a child of God. He loves you. I am so grateful for my knowledge of the restored gospel. I promise you it blesses lives. Be grateful for all things. 

This week I had the opportunity to go to Saraland after Thanksgiving. As we were driving up to their apartment, Sister Larsen realized we didn't have the key and it was on it's way to Fairhope with Sister Nielsen and Sister Hulstine. She felt really bad for not remembering and at first I was annoyed that we had to waste our miles to go back, and we wouldn't get in on time. Then, I remembered who I was representing to this new sister, and I frankly forgave the situation. Later as I was writing in my journal, I remembered an exchange many months ago when the exact same situation happened with a key mishap and I was that younger new missionary. That exchange changed my mission. To this day the only person who maybe knows how much it touched me was my dear Sister Training Leader.

I have changed so much the past 11 months. I now know who I am, why I'm here, and who sent me here. I will forever and always love my choice to serve a full-time mission. I love my choice to love. I love my choice to be exactly who I am. My dear friends, you are exactly where He needs and wants you to be. Stop wishing away your life. Stop throwing away all the chocolate bars looking for the golden ticket. Roll down the windows every now and then. Smile at strangers. Forgive and forget. Have seconds. Be late. Don't make your bed. Laugh at the awkwardness. Don't delete the bad picture. I promise you when you look back over your shoulder, you will love your life.

That is my simple invitation to you: Love your life. 

-SISTER  p e t e r s e n☀

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Momma I made it!

.. y'all don't even know what's about to hit this zone

Picked up this Sister who was hitch hiking down the road and needed a ride back to Fairhope. Sister Hulstine is sweet. Like suuuuuwweeeet! She is from California and she actually came out on her mission the transfer right before me! We served in the Fort Walton Zone together and basically she doesn't know this but I've had an undying desire to be her companion for 11 months. (: So I'm excited!

The most exciting thing in the mission right now is that we made it on the news! HEYO! Basically there was a big lighting of the trees in Downtown Fairhope, and we went to talk about Hashtag Light the World with people, and this guy was like hey do you wanna do an interview and we were like, yeah. So now I'm famous! I've made it. I've arrived. I might as well just pack up and go home now because I've peaked getting that black tag to all of the the Mobile Tri-State area 
 (: .. my 15 mins of fame - link -   News - Fairhope Christmas Tree Lighting #lighttheworld

Elder Beheshti from the seventy came to our stake conference and it was awesome! He was so powerful as he testified about repentance. It really all begins with one choice. Who do you want to be in one yearIn five years? In thirty? It had a huge impact on me. 

 all my beautiful sisters from the Mobile Zone
Yesterday wasn't Pday so we could have a Zone Conference. Friends, there's a lot I don't know. There's a lot I am imperfect at. But I know President Smith is called of God to be here and to lead out this mission, and in knowing that, I know even more deeply that this work is true. I am beyond grateful for the knowledge I have of this restored gospel. I take it for granted far too often. I have such a deep love for my Savior. He truly is the Master Healer, the Great Physician. Please, come and join in His redeeming love. 

.. the one and only Sister Nielsen, she brings life to my soul

-SISTER  p e t e r s e n☀