Saturday, May 26, 2018

FS....yoooo who big summer blowout

He said "Someday I hope you get the chance, to live like you were dying."

I don't know why, but I've had this looming feeling like death is on the line! HAHAHAHA.


This week was hot hot hot hot hotttttt. Wow. Sometimes I forget that I'm not from Florida and then a week like this week comes and you're like... how is anyone from Florida, and why do humans want to live here? So, yeah it warmed up a bit this week. (: BUT I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT OBVIOUSLY!

Monday we found a girl named Iliana! She is so cool! We've met up with her a few more times this week and it was raining so she's been showing us the in's and out's of campus, and how to get past 'student only' areas. Haha she's actually the greatest answer to prayers! But really she is a miracle! So we've been meeting up with her. Campus is like a zombie apocalypse scene.  The only people within miles are construction workers! Hahaha we found Iliana sitting at a table and right after we met her the elders came up and contacted her too, hahahaha, because she was literally the only person on campus! I kid, I kid, there are more than just her. Surprisingly we met a lot of people this week because you actually talk to EVERYONE that passes you! We met Lee, who we gave a Chinese - Book of Mormon to! Sadly there aren't missionaries yet in China to teach him over the summer, but let's be real, President Nelson is fighting for Lee (: 

We were walking on Thursday and met this kid named Lucas. He was a searching soul. I LOVE when people have actual conversations with us! They actually think critically about religion and they don't just blow us off! Lucas was so cool and we're gonna start meeting up with him more. 

Honestly this week consisted of sweat, rain, sun, sunburns, and sweat. and blisters. and sweat. Not sure some days if I'm sweating, crying, it's raining, or it's just the humidity. HAHAHAHAAH oh man I can't wait to see snow again one day. Literally everyday we come home and just lay on the ground in our apartment until we stop dripping sweat HAHAHA.

Today we got to talk to some of our sisters in another zone and they were telling us about the miracles they've seen and it sent chills up my spine and through my core! We are a part of such a marvelous work. This is truly my favorite period I've ever had in my life. I love waking up knowing every breath that I give that day is a sacrifice to the Lord. He is gathering his chickens, and the elect harden not their hearts! I know that Jesus Christ is coming again. These are the last days of the harvest. His servants have been sent to the four corners of the earth! WOOT WOOOOOOT! This is so exciting and awesome! 
"Missions are like Mission Impossible missions, but they actually matter."

the tcc sisters ate all my trail mix. little heffas. 🐄

-SISTER  p e t e r s e n☀

Saturday, May 19, 2018

That's the way I loved you


#sos #sendprayers2K18

- that one time we lived out of our car for a solid week (:
We were not in Tallahassee from Tuesday morning through Friday night. I told Sister Mifflin my parents are gonna be pretty disappointed when we visit the mission and we're actually driving the whole time. She said it won't be too bad all I have to say is, "Yep, this is my favorite area, I-10 (the freeway)." HAHAHA Oh the sad truth though. We drove for a total of 10+ hours this week (: (: that's called grit. and love.

Good News! I finally finished my sunflower seed bottle that I started in January. 🌻

One HUGE lesson I learned this week is the importance of communication. I am so grateful for the spirit in helping us know what Heavenly Father wants to tell us. I am so grateful for prayer and the night and day difference it has in our lives. I'm grateful for cute stationary that your companion wastes on you to make you feel loved. I'm grateful for Facebook to keep up with my friends of other faiths. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to see my family and just love on them! Skype is incredible. (: overall I am just so grateful that God sends us down here together as brothers and sisters and we don't have to go through this life alone.
- She has the fish, I have the bread, we put them both together and yeah it really worky!

Today we got to do service at a nearby church handing out food. Sister Mifflin was giving people frozen fish and I was giving people bags of bread. It cracked us up that we were LITERALLY handing out fish and loaves. Then of course, because I'm me, I got pretty emotional talking with each person that passed through and hugging them and just feeling their light next to my heart. I love being a missionary more than I ever thought possible because my whole existence right now is to love others as the Savior did. It's so wonderful and humbling to give your whole soul to the person who already saved it. I love Christ and I know he is my closest and truest friend. He hears my souls complaint and listening He can hear the songs I cannot sing. He is the perfect communicator. I love him. What manner of man is He? He heals on the Sabbath and He fed five thousand with five loaves and two fish. He loves. That is His first mandate. 

I'm trying to be like Him.

-SISTER  p e t e r s e n☀
- this morning the TCC Sisters CO2 detector went off, it was pretty exciting,
but basically they ripped the monitor off the wall and put it in a drawer and said to ignore it. Haha

Saturday, May 12, 2018

I wanna know, have you ever seen a MIRACLE?

ok folks, sit down, strap in, and get the popcorn.


As you may know, because I feel like I've complained to just about everyone, our campus was CLOSED this week. Devastating at best. With fire in our souls we pressed forward with determination! We searched high and low and traveled a distance to the metropolis of Crawfordville. We found a random neighborhood located on a dirt road and fanned out. The sisters who joined us went left, and we went right. for hours we knocked and walked and knocked some more. Just as we were heading back to the car we noticed fifty yards down an older woman sitting on her front porch, we turned on our heels and marched forward! Deborrah welcomed us with a warm heart and open arms! She was waiting for us! Minutes later her brother JL joined us! They loved talking to us and when the elders went back a few days later they committed to be baptized! Right time in the right place, God is using you to reach His children.
~the babes all enroute for CRAZY PREPARED CRAWFORDVILLE
Well Crawfordville left us on a high note so Tuesday we headed out to Fort Walton, my homeland.  Sister Fast and I killllllllled it. Oh I love this girl SO MUCH. Haha we ended up doing service for a member who I love! Brother Atrice was my ward mission leader when I was there and now they have a baby and a house and stuff and man did I feel like an old missionary talking about the good ol' days of the mission haha. It was a tender mercy to be in their home! The Lord has my back!

Thursday was one of the most miraculous days of my mission.

We got up a little early to go run on the track down at FSU. I was running briskly haha trying to shave my time on my mile run. As I was on my second lap I started praying with Heavenly Father just asking Him for strength to go throughout the day and to be healthy and strong in what I do and thanking Him for the healthy body I have. I was starting to get pretty tired, on my third lap this lady started running by my side. Her name is Taccorra. She encouraged me to keep going strong. We started talking about God and the Book of Mormon and somehow, in some miracle, I was able to testify of restored truths to her! I still to this moment do not know how on earth I was able to talk because I couldn't even breathe! BUT SOMEHOW GOD HELPED ME! I finished my last lap and I spent the rest of our time talking with Taccorra about her son and her relationship with God. She is so amazing. I know that God gave me strength to keep up with her so I could talk to her. Now we're running buddies and she's going to start working out with us in the morning! Oh I love her. She told me that she knows "We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us." AMEN!

zone. conference. was. perfect.

Later Thursday night we met up with a girl who found our number on (: She used to meet with the missionaries and she wants to learn more. SHE FOUND US! It was crazy. It was unbelievable but, BELIEVE IT BABY! She told us in the first five minutes that she grew up Jewish but she knows the Book of Mormon is true and she's ready to be all in. So, that is literally the kind of ensign stories that happen here in the South. I am so humbled God let me and Sister Mifflin be a part of Melissa's story! It's so exciting to see what will happen from here. (:

Right now I am nearing the end of my mission and it's hard. It's a hard reality knowing that you are going to finish something that you love so much. But I know without a doubt I have done what Heavenly Father wanted me to do. I have become who Heavenly Father has wanted me to become. And I am going to continue on this life long pursuit of happiness in my discipleship to Jesus Christ. He lives. He speaks through President Nelson today. Believe that miracles can happen, and stand back and watch the Lord's hand be revealed. You are amazing. You are more than enough for God to work through. YOU can do ALL things through Christ!

I love you!

-SISTER  p e t e r s e n☀

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Adventures of Miff & Petey: Pt 2

ok hello this has been one of the best/craziest weeks of ma lyfe!

So I'll tell a quick story with each of my photos 

-My snakester. We were walking on campus and it's practically d e a d because it's finals week right before summer break aka not a soul really wants to talk to us. So we (I) chased down this girl holding a snake and she had to take the picture for me because Sister Mifflin was standing twenty feet away HAHAHAHA, in the end the girl wasn't really that interested haha

-Katy Lu (: She is my person. I feel like there's a special moment when you meet that soul you were sent to save and Katy was mine. She is so special to me. Sacred. This summer she is going home and we introduced her to her sisters so they can take care of her. I will never forget the spiritual witnesses that I've had being with her. Every time we talk I know that God is real and His love is so deep for Katy. I know Heavenly Father has a detailed plan for her returning home.

-For 17 months all I can think of everyday is how much I love my little brother Oskar. He has taught me so much about gentleness and love. He is the most caring passionate person I know. This week he received his mission call, assigned to the Mexico, Hermosillo Mission. I could not be more proud of his decision and determination to serve. I love this kid.

#dunked. Bree is like our best friend in the world. I love her so much!!! She was taught on a different campus by some elders but it's like they found her so we can love on her! Hahah she is a true bff and a real homie. Basically moving in with me in July (;

-Sister Gale got transferred this week because of her wedding proposal hahah but it was actually so sad. She is such a good missionary. SO loving and has a deep desire to share the truths of the gospel! WOW I LOVE HER! I will never forget our jam sessions and her beautiful voice singing Called to Serve (;

- Sister Mifflin! HAHAHAHA What a funny little human! Man she is a hoot! So we have to go pick up dinner for the new missionaries and we get a text from President Smith and it says his credit card is hidden on the front porch. Needless to say we acted like spies and I made Sister Mifflin do a tuck and roll to get in the car. Hahaha but as you can tell in the next pic she got a little worn out while we waited for our service project that day.... HAHAHAHA Oh my word. Sister Mifflin has really been my anchor this week. I've been a little all over the place with transfers and sending home my Sister Smario, but Sister Mifflin has held me together. I really don't know what I would do without her. On a final note, today at Bree's baptism I felt the spirit so strongly testify that God knows me. He knows my heart. He knows our dreams and our fears. He knows what we each need to return home. I know that He knows you. Choose to be an anchor in someone else's life. Every person in my life right now give me reason and purpose to be my best self. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father places each of us right where we need to be. Whether that's the middle of Mexico or Florida State University. He has a plan and He is working miracles on the daily. (:

-SISTER  p e t e r s e n ☀

Saturday, April 28, 2018

#DivineDesign am I right?

I got to see my Sister Smario and she goes home in 4 days and it makes me want to rip my soul out because she has it in her hands most days! Anywho. Yeah I love her!

Ok this week we skipped over to Fort Walton Beach and I got to see a family I worked with when I served there. They are so special. It was funny because the elders tried to see them last week and they said no and wouldn't let them in. And then I showed up. (: I feel like the Lord truly sent me there to be a door wedge to help keep an open line for the Kammers' to have the gospel (:

Katy is doing so amazing. Yesterday we talked with her about her relationship with God. She has grown so much and I love her so so much. She knows God is in her life. She knows that she met us for a reason. We had her read Elder Rasband's talk called Divine Design a few weeks ago and whenever she gets an answer or feels the spirit of something that can't be a coincidence she says "Divine Design, am I right?" Hahah I love her so much. It really has been divine design that we got to meet her and teach her. I love the time that I have been able to pray and watch over my friend. Campus has been crazy because everyone is taking finals and such and not very many people want to talk with us about Jesus but we have still found some really cool people. This week on campus.. there was a Coke Hug machine! You hug the machine and get a free coke!!! It was so fun! We didn't get to do it though.... the line was too long I guess but it LOOKED really fun haha. We had souls to save, I can drink coke in heaven.. hopefully they don't distribute Pepsi or something in the celestial kingdom.. Sorry Slacks (:

On that note at Tropical Smoothie this week the workers started singing "Yeah!" by Usher and it was so funny and then they noticed us busting up and now we're best friends with them so hopefully they get baptized or something one day (:

Sister Gale, a sister on another campus, got proposed to.. hahahahahaha it was so funny! . Um Sister Boyce busted her ankle playing ultimate frisbee so all of us are ready for it to get banned in our mission, she's like the 10th person who has gotten injured hahahah. and other than that I really got nothing. (: I hope you all have a great week! I love you all mucho! You are where you are for a reason, don't doubt that God is using you every single day to help His children come home!

"Muslims are okay in Sister Gale's book."- Sister Gale

-SISTER  p e t e r s e n☀
- that awkward moment when the only ones who show up at
district meeting are us and Elder Miller.... hahahaha

-Sister Mifflin next to a really larger than life picture of Jesus.

-My current favorite sisters ever I love them and this swing was artsy
-This is the elders investigator Bree. She is so elect! We LOVE her!
She told us this week that she's only getting married in the temple
and she's gonna walk around with a tag like us that says
 "Only getting married in the Mormon temple." HAHAHA she's awesome!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

T? As in Troy?

This week was BUMPIN. And as my subject suggests, it ALWAYS comes back to High School Musical.

-TRROOOOOOOOOY, right now I can hardly breathe.... oh oh 
So we had some crazy transfer stuff and we ended up going to TROY ALABAMA on a quick little exchange with our sisters there! Not many know, but Troy has been my secret dream area of our mission. I have wanted to serve there sooooooo bad. And wahhhla! All of my wildest dreams came true! It was everything I hoped for and MORE! There were Asians, Baptists, and Mormons! It was a great time. But I learned a valuable lesson this week.

Whilst out in a service project, weeding for 5 hours, I thought to myself, "Self, it doesn't matter if you do service if you are not doing it with a willing heart." Just like Troy in HSM. His head was in the game, but his heart, his heart was in the song....

- Literally Katy is my favorite human,
just look at her!
THE LORD REQUIRES THE HEART! Brother Bigler in high school seminary always told us your heart is like a parachute it can't help you if it's closed! So I opened my heart more and this whole week was just awesome! We worked and it was long and hard but it was so enjoyable. I remembered why I am here and I was so excited to share the restored gospel!

Katy is doing amazing. She is reading the Book of Mormon and always wants to read more. Right now she is really searching for an answer from God. I know that she will get one. Please please pray. She is my person.

- look at how cute little Miff is

I've seen way too many missionaries throw away their last few weeks, but you can tell the devil, no, not today. I am on the Lord's errand doing small and simple things, and hey guess what, so are you! Make today count. Have some passion in your life! And if you don't know what it is, find it, and do it well.

ps... Sister Mifflin is the most mellow companion 
I've ever had. Literal spiritual giant. I LOVE HER! 

Funny moments: 
  • We didn't have enough missionaries for church tours so the Elders investigator Bre started teaching these people the Plan of Salvation haha. 
  • Our landlord Dan said I'm the anchor of the household so I keep using that unrighteous dominion over everyone. 
  • I've recently added humus to my diet, it doesn't sit too well with us hahahaha. 
  • We met a guy on campus who was painting with his feet. That's about all. (:

ps read this talk. just do it.

-SISTER  p e t e r s e n☀
- Her name is Liv Fast, die hard.
She's the best soul I know.

- Sometimes when your hair looks like a rat and you did a billion hours of service
 in the melting sun you just need some ice cream #thankyoubluecard

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Adventures of Miff & Petey: Pt 1

There's this episode of The Office when Michael drops Holly off and the whole way home he sings/cries "Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts. I don't know why but this week has kind of reminded me of that scene. IT'S BEEN A TRIP MY FRIENDS!

We had back to back, to back, to back, to back, exchanges. LIKE A BILLION AND A HALF. But it was actually bumpin. We're going up to Troy, Alabama tomorrow after church and I actually couldn't be more excited to see my favorite Troy sistas! MMMph I love them! 

So I just have one quicky, quick story to tell you! Basically I thought my tooth was having a seizure because all week it has been hurting so bad! Well I went to the dentist and my dear friend Dr. Dransfield told me that my tooth WAS having a seizure and I need to get it pulled out real quick! Sorry buddy but I can't be toothless, I'm a MISSIONARY! Well in the midst of all these back and forth dentist appointments, and exchanges with sisters, and praying really hard that Katy will understand the gospel and get an answer to prayers, and trying to preach the restored gospel, I was so lost with the noise of life.

Finally, I sat back. I sat still and I waited. I waited a long minute to just hear from my Father in Heaven and feel His peace. And it came.

As we went home one evening I had 6 letters from my mission buddies, and suddenly Sister Smith was calling us on one phone, and President was calling on the other, and Dr. Dransfield was calling us from his personal phone!  Everyone started reaching out to make sure that I was being taken care of. The love of Heaven was overwhelming. I know that angels are real on this side of the veil. I know that God hears His child. He knows me by name. He knows our pains and our struggles and He is the constant comfort. I know that God works through His children to work miracles! 

I was reading Alma chapter 26 and it's good and all about not being discouraged, but even better it's about being worthy to be an instrument in God's hands. 

ALMA 26:11- I do not boast in my own strength, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God.

12- Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.

I love you all so much and I am so overwhelmingly grateful for your prayers and your love! I know God because I know you!!! <3

-SISTER  p e t e r s e n☀