Monday, July 10, 2017

Pulling Weeds

Honestly here's my food SQUIRREL for thought for ya. We have tons of investigators and that's why I hardly ever write about them because I can't even keep up with all their stories. So we've been working really hard on trying to SQUIRREL discern the progressing people. And ​ for whatever reason, we SQUIRREL aren't even trying to find, and Heavenly Father keeps putting people in our path and dang it I just can't keep up with all these sheep sometimes! Like having investigators is not the problem but helping them see the fruits SQUIRREL of the gospel is!

Earlier this week we stopped by a former investigator's house, Penny, and offered her any service (super slacking on our service hours...). Well she invited
SQUIRREL us back the next day to weed her "garden". Sounds good right? We get there the following day and she shows us her JUNGLE of weeds and plants and SQUIRREL overgrown moss and vines and sprouts and trees and I just wanted to say "this mess is too messy!" Needless to say we doused SQUIRREL ourselves with deet, rolled up our sleeves and got to work in the 98* 75% humidity. We sweat, we pulled, we swatted, we yanked, we gathered, we burned, but we did not plant a single plant. Well by the end her "garden" looked SQUIRREL so beautiful. It was clean and fresh. Even though we were absolutely disgusting, we didn't care. She invited us in and she had ordered us pizza (TENDER MERCY JUST FOR SIS P's UNDYING LOVE OF THE GREAT ITALIAN DELICACY).


ok bye. oh and try guessing what I was fed this week, I'll give you a hint.... SQUIRREL.

-sister  P E T E R S E N 🌿 4:20

PS - Elder Bradley Gunnell is sadly departing from our Marianna district and going back into the world of the great and spacious building aka Denver. Long live the MaryHadALittleLambDistrict. 

*whistles Hunger Games theme. 

He fought a good fight. 
He stayed the course. 
He kept the faith


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