Monday, June 26, 2017

Rainy days and Mondays.... ALWAYS GET ME PUMPED ON JESUS

I LOVE HURRICANE SEASON! Scary, but so fun.

Man I don't even know where to start with all the #MiraclesinMarianna! 

Clint & Lana Brock- We got referred to a family from our bishop and as it turns out the Brocks who took extremely good care of missionaries in Fort Walton is Clint's uncle! So now we're teaching his family and man, it is so amazing to teach a family. Every single time I even think about them I get emotional because I realize that the gospel is truly centered on families and connecting generations. So I'll keep you updated but extra prayers for them, they are my reason in FWB and Marianna <3

OUR HOUSE, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE..............woods? HAHAHAH We contacted a potential from our area book and she told us "I live in the woods." Well listen, EVERYONE lives in the woods... so we thought she was just mistaken us for a couple of sissies. As it turns out, this lady wasn't joking. We were with a member who was determined to find this woman and we drove miles and miles on the winding dirt roads, in and out of trees, around a lake, over a bridge, across the Mason Dixon line and back, and finally ended up at this tiny little cabin. Needless to say we did not have cell phone reception or GPS and the thought crossed my mind many times that we could very possibly be in a poorly filmed horror movie. Well it turned out that the lady has been working on her Family History for MONTHS and she was absolutely thrilled to have us back... It's therapeutic and we're connecting generations = worth the drive.

Angerita! We got a bible referral from SLC for this house. So after driving on this road, oh ps only the main highways in Jackson County are paved, everything else is dirt, so we finally get to this house and turns out this 8 year old kid ordered the bible. Well we end up talking to his cousin and she just graduated high school and she is amazing. I love her so much. She is very prepared and the spirit was just beaming in her eyes as we shared the Book of Mormon with her! She has amazing things in store!

Confederates Baby. We asked this sweet sister in our ward what it's like learning about the Civil War in the South and she told us that the confederates are highly praised! HAHAHA She said one time growing up the North sent them text books and the schools got so mad about the perspective, they sent them back!

Ok last thing. I swear the members here have a competition to see who can make us gain the most weight in one dinner appointment. Well IT AIN'T GONNA WORK ON ME FOLKS! 
House #1- A gallon bag of Spaghetti sent home, that was served on my plate and I ate about 1/5 of it! 
House #2- TBONE steak from their cow THE SIZE OF MY THIGH! Sent home with tin foil
House #3- 4 Fried chicken breasts, brought it home in a box
House #4- potatoes, collard greens, and grits...!!!

you already know I've been doing my daily sprints every morning pretending Hansen is standing there yelling at me. Geez Louise. 

Master the Moment- sister  P E T E R S E N☀
Pics for the record of my father: 
We role played bible scenes for Sister Jones' Sunday School class. Hank Sims(14) asked "Jesus" (far left) if any of the feet he washed were nasty. 
Country Roads...take me to the homes of the prepared.

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